"Emily is AMAZING to work with!! Words can’t describe how great it was having her shoot our wedding!"

- Jenni B.

You are welcome here

Hi friend! Welcome
Here are some things to know before we work together:
I am...
-  easy- going
- direct
- real
- personable 
- goofy by nature.

I pride myself on being  an inclusive photographer, working with all types of couples. I specialize in wedding logistics and am happy to talk with you about yours..  I enjoy getting to know everyone on a more personal level. 

My job is to capture and connect. I like to keep it simple and have been complimented on my smooth booking process.  After your initial email, expect a phone call with me where we can better discuss the details of your day. Once we are booked we will meet up at your engagement session or start a deep conversation into the correct pronunciation of "GIF". 

random things i love

My hair changes a lot in many versions of red.  I also do it myself because for me it's a form of self expression. I like to often call it my fierce red color. you won't miss me though.  I'm tall, red-headed, and my laugh is loud. you'll easily be able to recognize me. I've had people do it from far away haha. :) 

bold hair

This is my other half, partner in crime, and sometimes travel partner. he likes to stay more behind the scenes and help carry things if he's traveling to that wedding with me. otherwise he loves on the pups while I'm gone and drinks all the good beer haha. He's a good dude though. I'll keep him :) 

this human

Gif's are fun. end of story haha. No really I'll have conversations with just gif's sometimes and most of the time I can decipher what is being said haha. 

Side note: yes she looks like me. Emma stone is my dople ganger. I'm older... crap just aged myself. lol


Hello my name is Emily and I'm a goofball. haha :) Laughter is the best medicine, best contagion and best way to connect with one another. Life is meant to be enjoyed and I'm gonna laugh, skip, and dance to my own tunes along the way.  It's totally fine for you to join in on the laughter or even dance party if you'd like. :) I won't judge.  

being goofy

Traveling isn't something I do, it's apart of who I am. Whether it's for a wedding/engagement session or for fun, traveling to new places and meeting new people gives me a new insight to life.  I can photograph sessions in just about everywhere in the world and have been to a few pretty amazing places so far (sorry canada, I need to be a citizen).  


This odd looking brother sister duo makes life better. They're border collie/poodle/rat terrier. Which means I have my hands full but life wouldn't be complete without them. I have a million photos of them and am happy to share. I also encourage people to bring their fur babies to their engagement sessions if they can. They're apart of the family too.

my pups

being goofy

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Awe shucks, they say the nicest things. 

"My husband and I could not have asked for a better experience with Emily... First, photos were a huge priority for my husband and I. We knew we wanted amazing photographs of our big day and we spent a lot of time looking for the right fit. We could not have gotten luckier than we did with Emily. We quickly hit it off with Emily and her quirky personality. She felt like a real human!! I needed that on a day that can be so overwhelming. After the wedding, we received our photos pretty quickly and were happy to see so many beautiful photos. Emily worked with us to get all the photos we dreamed of, even with a strange day-of schedule. She truly made the day so much less stressful than it could have been. I had no worries that our photos would be stunning! I would not hesitate to recommend Emily to anyone who wants their photography to lessen the stress of a wedding rather than increase it!!"


- Kelsey C.

"She felt like a real human!"


"Emily was hands-down one of the best decisions I felt my husband and I made for our vendors for our wedding day. Aside from her outstanding professionalism, she was an absolute blast to spend time with. She was fantastic at directing large groups of people and clearly had an eye for capturing all the details too. Emily took our engagement photos as well as our wedding photos and I was IN LOVE with every single shot. I hate being in front of the camera and hate being the center of attention, but she made me extremely comfortable and put my mind at ease the entire time. I think her creative eye and talent behind the camera are top notch to say the least. Thank you Emily for capturing such precious memories for us to look back on for a lifetime - we so, so appreciate you!"

- Elizabeth C.

"hands-down one of the best decisions"



"Emily. Is. Amazing! Emily was the wonderful photographer last weekend for our wedding. She is enthusiastic, easy to talk to and incredibly sweet. She is also very organized and comfortable directing big groups (like our extended family photos). I was impressed by the variety of photos we got back - family portraits and couple photos of course, but also the beautiful details (rings, jewelry, flowers, dress) and wonderful candid shots of our guests. Just perfect! I can't wait to have Emily photograph our family, when that day comes ;-). We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a creative, fun photographer! Thank you so much, Emily!"

- Maggie M.

"Emily. Is. Amazing!"


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