I’m the dorky redheaded photographer behind the camera. I break out in dance with no music.  Make some random and funny jokes. I’ll get your guests to laugh along with me, or at me. Either or they're laughing and having fun.

Sarcasm is my middle name. Actually, it’s Lynn but you know what I meant. ;) I'm usually loaded up on coffee as well.  It makes the world go round... or keeps me up all night.  Probably both.

We will have a great time working together and I promise lots of laughter along the way. Maybe even a few funny GIFs too. Who am I kidding, LOTS of funny GIFs!! Send me your best GIF so we can laugh together.

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 I was so excited I couldn't keep my glasses on straight when KU won to go into the Final Four! ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!

People have said many times we look a like.  She's cool.  I'll take it.  Emma Stone for the win.

Hi friend! Emily here!