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Downtown engagement photo and picnic engagement session in Lawrence, KS

When I first met Jerret and Carolyn I just knew I needed to photograph their wedding.  Thank goodness they felt the same way haha.  These two are absolutely adorable together.  The way they look at each other makes my heart melt and the jokes they have are hilarious.  I would love to tell you the one Carolyn said but I’ll mess it up and then it won’t be as funny.  Just ask her about the love of her life joke.  It’s a good one 🙂

So for their engagement session we traveled (by traveled I mean walked) one of the coolest alleys in Lawrence, KS and then went to Clinton Park to have a picnic.  The entire session was cloudy and I was getting a little bummed we didn’t have much of a sunset until wham! this AMAZING sunset appeared.  I think we all stood there in awe for a minute because it was soooo beautiful.  I don’t think I have ever had a session where we were so fortunate to get a sunset like that.  It looked like it was on fire! And the colors!! Wow!! They were so vibrant!  It was the most perfect way to end their engagement session 🙂 I only hope they get that same sunset on their wedding day 🙂 I guess we’ll find out in a year 🙂