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Brent and Meagan’s Family/Engagement Session in Lawrence, KS

I’ve been sitting here for a few minutes really trying to decide what I want to say in this blog post.  Brent and Meagan are some of the most amazing people I know.  The last few years we have grown very close, so much that I call them family… because well they are.  They may not be biological but does that matter when you care about people?  Family is who we care about the most, not always who we are blood related to.  These two have been so supportive of me and have helped me see what real healthy relationships look like.  They love each more fiercely, they laugh a ton and most of all they play together.  They are the type of people that we don’t have to talk every single day or see each other every week but we always pick right back up from the last visit.

For their session we really wanted to have the girls involved too.  All 5 of them make a beautiful family, that works so smoothly. What a better way than to incorporate their children and their engagement portraits right?

This family session was so so so so much fun!! My nieces are hilarious and super fun to be around.  haha so you can imagine me asking them to strike up a pose and they rock them! Then Avah comes in trying to do the same ones as her older sisters… oh my gosh! Cuteness overload right there! haha.  And leaving the evening hearing Avah call me ‘Emi’… heart melted 🙂 There is nothing sweeter to hear than those girls calling me “Emi”.  It’s bringing happy tears thinking about it right now 🙂

Ok, no more waiting. Brent & Meagan…. thank you… thank you for all you have done for me, for opening your family up to me when you didn’t have to but you did it because you wanted to.  You have proven to me there are wonderful people in this world when I was facing some dark times.  For the both of you and your girls I will be forever grateful.

Love you,