Thinking about eloping but maybe not sure what it is or how to do it?

Let's break down all the barriers and why eloping would be a great option to consider. 

Why elope?

Things have changed in the wedding world with the pandemic.  After 17 years of wedding photography I really want to go back and focus on what matters the most. What the two of you want and who you are. You deserve to have a story told that is yours. 

While large weddings are beautiful and I appreciate them, they're often rushed throughout the day in order to get to the next photo spot.  What has happened is that couple's rarely spend alone time together.  It's something I hear about later that couple's wish they had more time alone to talk to each other. 

You deserve to have your day together celebrating you both all day. You should have time alone, soak in the day, do things you both want to do, go to places the represent who you both are so that your photos feel authentic to who you both are. 

An elopement is an intimate wedding day celebrating the two of you in locations that showcase who you both are, what you love and what means the most to you. 

It's no longer means we go to Vegas only and get married.  While, there is no shame in doing that either and it's loads of fun.  Eloping has transformed into something much different. 

what is an elopement?

It can be:

The two of you plus myself hiking or road tripping to your favorite locations. 

The two of you, your officiant, and 2 witnesses at a meaningful location to you both.

The two of you plus your closet family & friends celebrating you both all day. (Under 25 guests)

After photographing large weddings for 17 years the one thing I heard time and time again on their wedding day was that they wished they had eloped. Their wedding day had become something they were ready for it to be done, instead of excited it was here. I want you to be excited for your wedding day as it sets the tone for your marriage together.

Why should we elope? 

Eloping is for the couple:

- that wants to have a relaxed and stress free day. 
- that wants their wedding day to have elements of who they are told in their story. 
- that wants their complete wedding day story told that is not rushed to grab the next photo. 
- that wants the photos to feel like them. 
- that doesn't want all eyes on them. 

 Send off of the couple to begin their honeymoon


Dinner with guests & lite dancing


Amazing Kansas Sunset Ceremony with closest friends and family


Arrive at location for the sunset ceremony and photos with all guests present


 Take photos in favorite KC locations. First date location, KC Skyline, where was proposed to, etc. 


 Intimate first look outside of hotel & private moment


Getting ready at hotel in separate areas


Brunch together while photographer takes photos of your clothing & details


Sunset Elopement in KC

Your wedding day is more than an hour of a few quick photos of the ceremony only.  After photographing weddings for 17 years, I know you deserve to have your story told just the way it happened with every event documented for your day. 

What your elopement could look like:

About Emily

Hi friend! Welcome!
Here are some things to know before we work together:
I am...
-  easy- going
- direct
- real
- personable 
- goofy by nature.

I pride myself on being  an inclusive photographer, working with all types of couples. I specialize in wedding logistics and am happy to talk with you about yours.. 

My job is to capture and connect. I like to keep it simple.  After your initial email, expect a phone call with me where we can better discuss the details of your day. I want to make sure your story is told so I can best showcase who you both are. 

First thing first I have to say how amazing my experience was with Emily! I am not one who loves getting her photo taken but I enjoyed every bit of my wedding photos. She made everything so easy and stress free. My husband and I are over the moon with our photos we love every single one of them. 

- Erin M

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