Emily Lynn Photography is an Elopement and Intimate Wedding Photographer Located in Kansas City, MO. 

My style is focused on timeless imagery that includes true to life colors along with real emotions showcasing who you both are through guided posing and emotional cues. 

"Upon first meeting her I immediately felt comfortable and like she was someone I’d known forever. She was so exciting and fun to work with and was on top of everything! Thanks to her, I was able to relax and enjoy my day because I knew she had it all under control."

- Emily & Aaron

I'm         , the goofy redheaded photographer

My approach is to keep things fun and warm with a dash of daring. Posing is a second language so BE YOU and I’ll make sure you look absolutely amazing. Capturing your physical and emotional connection with your partner will make images last—and feel—for a lifetime.  

Sarcasm is my middle name (actually it’s Lynn) and it’s about time we celebrated together. There will be lots of laughter along the way, maybe even a few funny GIFs too. 

What you see is what you get with me. My friends will tell you I’m honest, approachable, fun loving and a tad dorky (they were being nice on that one). With me you can be yourself 1000% and that's most important. I know these photos will stir up lots of great emotions over the years, so let's make sure it's done right!

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"Emily shot both our engagement and wedding pictures. She not only has a natural eye for pose, but she knows how to make you let go and have fun while in front of a camera. We had so much fun taking pictures with Emily!"

- Emily & Kelsey

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